Leon broke the news first, der if they will distribute Microsoft Word - Executive Edition on Windows Update. I've pretty much stopped using Microsoft Word for my day to day stuff except when I am producing an official document.

The replacement? OneNote of course, in many way's its power is its simplicity, when I am taking notes in daily status meetings I use OneNote to jot down any notes - when someone raises an issue I can hit CTRL-SHIFT-K so I can track it in my task list in Outlook.

There are a few things that I would like the software to be able to do, for example, I'd like the individual pages to be able to have a "template" applied. Now I am not talking about a template in terms of fonts, and colours and all that kind of stuff, more in terms of behaviours.

For example - I'd like to be able to do a bit of a mind map so that when I drag off all the individual clips of text - I'd like them to be linked into a network on things.